The UWC Guyana National Committee


The volunteer National Committee system is possibly unique to UWC. Students enter all of the UWC colleges through their National Commitees, who select students based on their suitability, potential and merit, publicise UWC, raise scholarship funds, support the students before, during and after their time at a college and organise network events for UWC alumni.


The UWC Guyana National Committee has been recently formed and this is the first year that students are being selected. UWC International supervises the committees and will be sending a representative to Guyana to observe and support the selection weekend.

UWC Guyana National Committee 


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Mission of UWC Guyana National Committee:



  • Select the best possible students for all UWC colleges and short courses that represent the diversity (geographic, ethnic, socio-economic, gender) of Guyana in order to enrich the UWC movement
  • Maximise opportunities for young people in Guyana to take part in a UWC experience
  • To nurture an enduring commitment to the UWC ideals in Guyana
  • Provide support for current students selected by the committee and their parents in order to maximise their UWC experience

‚ÄčThe full constitution of UWC Guyana will shortly be available to download

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Governance of the UWC Guyana National Committee


The UWC Guyana National Committee was officially registered as a trust in April 2016. 

The UWC Guyana National Committee board of trustees consists of the following members:


- Arlene Wrong-Chaturia; Chair of the National Committee (ex officio);

- Dmitri Nicholson; Executive Director of Youth Challenge Guyana 

- Hubert Forester; Global Shaper
- Jessica Hatfield; Business Woman; patron of Ruimveldt Children's Centre

- Eleanor ("Ellie") Price; Former UWC student and teacher, government economist 

UWC Guyana Chairperson - Mrs. arlene chaturia


As a child growing up my parents placed emphasis on the value of having an education, it is for this reason I have joined the UWC Guyana, to encourage youth development in the area of Education so in the future they could be a positive influence to our nation and be the next generation of UWC Guyana . As the Chairperson of UWC Guyana with years of Financial Management skills and experience in working in Non-Profit Organisations, I will serve assiduously to ensure the growth and sustainability of UWC Guyana.

Student coordinator - ms. deondra wishart


I have a passion for volunteering my time to helping persons in need, this passion drove me to start volunteering with UWC Guyana in 2015 and assisted with 2015 Scholarships Selection. Working with the committee has exposed me to different personalities and I learned so much from everyone I made contact with. It is an honour working with youths and helping in further educating them because youths are the future leaders of tomorrow.