UWC schools, colleges and programmes offer a transformational experience for young people, enabling them to discover the possibility of change through courageous action, personal example and selfless leadership.











Colleges and  Current Students

UWC schools and colleges are located in 15   countries and offer a two year pre-university diploma, the International Baccalaureate (IB).

UWC Dijian (Armenia) – up to 78% fully needs-based scholarship for a Guyanese

UWC Changshu (China) – up to 78% needs-based scholarship for a Guyanese (excluding flights)

UWC Guyana has three needs-based scholarships available for 2018 entry.
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Currently there are four (4) Guyanese students studying at UWC:


* Masud Lewis is studying  at UWC - SEA in Singapore

*Tyreis Hunte is studying at UWC Changshu in China 

* Nicholas Roberts is studying at  Red Cross Nordic UWC Norway

* Bibi Aseeya Mohamed is studying at UWC Costa Rica 


You can learn more about their experiences in the link  below:






UWC USA – up to 100% fully needs-based scholarship for a Guyanese